About us

Our History

In 1828 the first incarnation of what is now Walkers Inc. commenced legal practice in Cape Town under the name of C Cadogan. In 1834 Cadogan took on a partner, John Reid. In 1839 the two parted ways, and Reid continued to practice law under his own name. Reid was later joined by his brother Henry, and much later by his son. In 1860 the name of the firm became Reid & Nephew, and that name endured for almost a century. In the 1950s the firm merged with Montgomery Walker, and Walker Lewis Godley & Field was formed. The latter was from inception conversationally referred to as Walkers; and when the firm was incorporated in 1999 the name was shortened to Walkers Inc.

Walkers forms enduring relationships, for instance its business relationship with Old Mutual reaches back into the mid-1800s – and the firm was involved in the demutualisation of Old Mutual: a significant development in the history of South African financial services that made four million policyholders also shareholders.

The firm has been and continues to be involved in high-profile and landmark cases, and places the highest possible value on client confidentiality.

Walkers provides legal services to clients from throughout South Africa and all around the world, but is firmly Cape Town based; and was at the forefront of the upliftment of the Cape Town CBD: acting for property owners converting office space to loft house-style accommodation and providing the necessary complex legal and commercial knowledge.

Our Methodology

Walkers has evolved with the times – from hand-written documents and wigs to internet communications and cutting edge technology; yet we retain our time-honoured quality of committing to use our wealth of legal expertise and knowledge to deliver the highest level of legal services to our clients at a reasonable cost.

We do not simply follow a trend, and have refined our own style of legal practice. Our lawyers have fully developed and well-balanced legal expertise and knowledge, with niche specialities – and are not pigeonholed into “specialist” categories. We are all in one team, and not isolated from each other in “departments” or “practice areas”. We have organised ourselves to deal with the complexity of legal practice holistically, and not in a reductionist fashion – the Walkers way.