Candidate Attorneys, 2019


Walkers does not at present have any vacancy for a candidate attorney for 2018.

Walkers wishes to appoint one or more candidate attorneys, as of January 2019.  We have an exciting and rewarding career opportunity for the spot-on candidate(s).


  • This page applies onlyto South African qualified candidate attorneys.
  • Walkers is notpresently accepting applications for any foreign post graduate judicial clerkships, and will not respond to any such applications.

All compliant applications for candidate attorney positions duly received on or before 31 May 2018 will be acknowledged and considered.  Please submit applications per email to , with subject heading: Candidate Attorneys for Walkers, 2019.


  • The application itself is an assessment.
  • Shortlisted applicants may be required to sit for a written examination conducted by Walkers, and/or to intern at Walkers for one or two days.

A successful applicant, who performs diligently, will receive throughout his or her tenure:

  • excellent and personalised training in legal business, culture, ethics, practice, and presentation of argument
  • exposure to general and specialist legal areas
  • market related remuneration
  • superlative working environment

We require of a successful applicant to be throughout his or her tenure:

  • blooming
  • conscientiousness
  • ethical
  • hard-working

Attributes to be a successful applicant include:

  • an LLB degree
  • an inspiring application, without errors
  • an impressive interview
  • outstanding academic results
  • if applicable, outstanding results in the examination conducted by Walkers

Applications to include:

  • comprehensive personal details
  • proof of identity
  • academic qualifications and results
  • national senior certificate
  • work experience
  • publications
  • references (at least three)
  • usual other CV details
  • an article (in MSWord) with the title Why appoint me?(meaningful, original, pithy, and succinct; under 350 words)


  • the application is an assessment (get it correct)
  • do not direct any enquiries with regard to the application
  • include appropriate annexes (clearly legible)
  • an application must be 100% the work of the applicant only