Deceased Estates Administration

Deceased Estates Administration

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Acting as agents for executors of deceased estates
  • Acting as executors of deceased estates
  • Deceased estate litigation (also refer to Litigation and Dispute Resolution )
  • Distribution of assets to heirs and legatees, locally and abroad
  • Interpretation of wills
  • Liquidation and distribution accounts
  • Lodging of tax returns
  • Negotiations for and with banks and other financial institutions (locally and abroad), executors, SARS, and others
  • Preparation and lodgment of reporting documents to the Master of the High Court
  • Tax advice, including estate duty and CGT (also refer to Tax Law and Planning)
  • Transfer of immovable property (also refer to Conveyancing)
  • Valuations of assets

Gunnar Dahl

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Natasha Louw

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