Notarial Practice

Notarial Practice

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Ante nuptial contracts and advice on the Matrimonial Property Act (also refer to Family and Matrimonial Law)
  • Authentication of documents, including Apostile
  • Cancellation of conditions in deeds of transfer
  • Creation and registration of all servitudes
  • Notarial bonds over movable assets
  • Notarial cessions, deeds of lease, and other agreements
  • Notarial tie of properties
  • Habitatio (the right to occupy a building)
  • Praedial (property related) servitudes
  • Usufruct (the rights to the use and enjoyment of an asset, and to the gains from the asset)
  • Usus (the rights to the use and enjoyment of an asset, but not the gains from the asset)
  • Rights of way
  • Sectional title schemes (exclusive use areas and other matters)
  • Tax advice, including CGT, donations tax, and transfer duty (also refer to Tax Law and Planning)

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