More quotes from Roger Scruton

Marriage does not exist for the benefit of the present generation but for the benefit of the next.”

In argument about moral problems, relativism is the first refuge of the scoundrel.”

We should not value education as a means to prosperity, but prosperity as a means to education.”

State solutions are imposed from above; they are often without corrective devices, and cannot easily be reversed on the proof of failure. Their inflexibility goes hand in hand with their planned and goal-directed nature, and when they fail the efforts of the state are directed not to changing them but to changing people’s belief that they have failed.”

Why is it after a century of socialist disasters, and an intellectual legacy that has been time and again exploded, the left-wing position remains, as it were, the default position to which thinking people gravitate when called upon for a comprehensive philosophy?

The accumulated evidence of human nature tells us that the only improvement that lies within our control is the improvement of ourselves.”

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More quotes from Roger Scruton

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